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A) Heat Conversions and Updating

Due to system age and the changing cost and efficiency of various fuel sources, Nason's is often called on to convert entire heating systems. Most typically, these system conversions are from electric or oil to gas systems. The new systems are more cost efficient to operate and therefore are also better for the environment.

Another typical system conversion would involve the installation of an indirect tankless water heater that does not need the primary heating source of the home to be activated in order to heat the water. These conversions can typically result in fuel savings of as much as 30 to 40 %.

B) Service Agreements

Many residential HVAC service companies offer overly confusing contracts with too many options and hidden costs. Rather than offer good, better and best options we offer only our version of the better contract. Our vast experience has proven that a low level of service is not sufficient for safe, efficient operation. Given the cost of fuel it is important to make sure your system is operating efficiently. Keep in mind that it is easy to loose 20 to 20% of your systems operating efficiency without even knowing it.

Conversely, best service is simply more expensive than is necessary on an ongoing basis. And if you happen to have an older home with and older boiler and the house has since been heavily insulated then your may have more heating horsepower than you really need.